5 Ugly Apps With Crazy High Downloads

Is it the matter of UI (user interface) and UX (user experience)? Well, I'd say "yes" - of course - as I am a designer. But there are still a ridiculous amount of awful apps with so many downloads.

How is that possible?

In almost every case the users are forced to use the app, for example, they won't swich banks just because their app is crap or because the school uses an app to keep track of the homework.

Since we put effort into making beautiful apps we thought it'd be quite funny to make a collection of some of the ugliest apps.

We've found five common use-cases of when people are forced to download and use an app.

  • Banking apps
  • Travel apps
  • File managers and backup apps
  • Educational apps
  • Messaging apps

So we made a "nice" collection with one or two examples of each category. Have fun!

1. Banking apps

Those buttons are so big I could navigate with my big toe.
banking apps

2. Travel apps

What the heck is that layout with those paw prints?
travel apps

3. File managers and backup apps

I know it's complicated because you have to lay out a lot of information, but c'mon.
file manager apps

4. Educational apps

DAT login screen tho.
educational apps

5. Messaging apps

The left one is my personal favorite. No explanation required.
messaging apps

If you have an other "favorite" please send it to us or post it in the comment box beow, so that next time we can make an en even more attractive list.

Hope you enjoyed having a little fun. For more don't forget to subscribe to AppMixture's newsletter.

Mate Rauscher

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