5 Ways Smartphones Totally Changed Our Lives

It's been a while since we are using smartphones. They became a part of our lifestyle. But then sometimes it's good to stop for a minute and look back on how it changed the way we live.

1. Communication

Without any doubt, the communication is the most affected field. It has been accelerated a lot, because of smartphones. Where are the ages when it took 2 days to call all your friends if something important happened to you? And when you had to make appointments with your parents for phone calls when you were abroad.

Well... those days are gone. There's a lot of benefit from this, on the other hand though it's easier to get distracted then ever before.

2. No more maps

Remember as a tourist how you were standing like an idiot in the middle of nowhere and you had no idea where you are? I do. It happened a lot to me - oh man I'm so happy with my Google Maps now.

3. News

The way we consume news has been mainly affected by the internet itself. However the mobile ages still changed it slightly. Even if we don't consider Google's last update on the search algorithm, for most of us there is a strong preference for reading sites that are looking nice on mobile (responsive). It's just we don't like to zoom in and out on ugly sites to read that post.

4. Weather forecast

Is it gonna rain today? That's the question we face quite often. But you don't have to rely on the forecast that you saw last weekend. It's so great that whenever you pull out your phone from your pocket, you can check the forecast in hour breakdown. My personal favorite is Yahoo Weather for that, especially because it looks kinda beautiful.

5. Photos

Taking photos plays an important role to capture moments of your life. As the image below also shows the phone became the main device we use for that. Such an easy way, and it's always with you.


These are just five ways in which smartphones affected our life, if you have more in your mind please share it below here in the comment box. If you liked this article don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter and you'll get more of these.

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