6 Productivity Apps For Small Businesses

As an entrepreneur, time is your single most important value. Therefore it's critical that you don't waste it. Creating a successful business is mainly up to the founder(s), so especially for them good time management is crucial.

The question to ask about an early stage startup is not "is this company taking over the world?" but "how big could this company get if the founders did the right things?" - Paul Graham

The key here is how well you combine these two points:

  • Pick the right things to do
  • Do them as efficiently as you can

Choosing the right activities is critical, and most of the times underestimated - but that'd be a different topic. Today I want to talk about how some current tools and apps that can help you achieve the second point, to be more productive.

First of all let's be clear on one thing; none of the productivity apps or tools will help you if you don't make a strong decision to get things done. Now that you aware of this information, here's Shia LaBeouf's video to motivate you - let's get started.

1. Buffer

Social media is a must have in today's business. This channel lets you reach your customers and it's how they reach you. Being active on the major platforms can really make a huge a difference in your business' presence. But posting all the time and at the right times is sometimes hard, isn't it? Everybody should have a personal life, so you shouldn't have to stay awake to post on Facebook just because the majority of your customers live on another continent. It's ok if your customers live far away, however you can still reach your audience at a time that's convenient for you and them. Buffer is a great tool in this case. Connect all your social media accounts, create a posting schedule and just let the app stay awake instead of you. What's even better is that you can check pretty detailed analytics and you'll know which posts create the biggest engagements.

2. IF by IFTTT

IFTTT stands for if this then that. It's a simple app that lets you put the internet to work for you. Doesn't it feel great when you automate several things and you can spent the time for other tasks? The only limit of this app is basically your imagination. Ok truth to be told there are a few integration limitations as well. But don't worry for you'll be able to automate the most your tasks.

3. Promodoro

What is Promodoro? - you might ask. Promodoro is a productivity system especially designed for people who are solving problems. That usually claims creativity. And creativity claims rest. Let me explain how it works. The key is to create work cycles - it's usually 25 minutes work and 5 minutes rest - but you can experience your own schedule if you wish. The theory behind that is that after certain time our brain gets tired and we lose focus. For example that's what happens when you catch yourself reading posts on twitter instead of actually doing stuff. So keeping a regular schedule with breaks will take your productivity to the sky. You can use a simple promodoro table clock or a promodoro app to help you with that.

4. Emails

Most small businesses deal with emails. Actually a whole bunch of emails. Reading and answering emails is a real productivity killer. Therefore we collected a few tools and practices here to help you. I'll summarize the three most useful ones - at least for me. Boomerang - this helps you schedule emails to be sent at a certain time and also reminds you to follow up. Rapportive - with this Gmail add on you will always remember who you are emailing. It saves so much time when you don't have to research the same person over and over again. Streak - it's a CRM inside Gmail, the templates you can create also save a lot of time.

5. Scheduling a meeting

When it comes down to scheduling a call or meeting, it usually takes several back and forth emails or other types of messages, before the time is set. There should be a better solution for that. But wait! There is! Many calendar apps have these kind of features, but I found Meet by Sunrise to be one of the easiest option. However if you want to stick to Google Calendar then you should consider Calendly.

6. Contacts

If you're networking as an entrepreneur should, you might have a huge contact list. You might feel that it's a big mess, and you just can't find anything. That won't be the case if you start using Humin. That's an efficient way to organize your contacts and keep you on track in 2015.

After all productivity is key in every entrepreneur's life. Running a business requires a lot of effort so the better you use your time the bigger chance you have to succeed.

If you have another favorite method to increase your productivity don't hesitate to share it in the comments below. If you'd like to notified every time we came up with cool posts like this, then subscribe here. And one more thing, remember to share this stuff with your friends, I'm counting on ya.

Mate Rauscher

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