AppMixture Setup - Frequently Asked Questions


What smartphones are AppMixture mobile apps compatible with?
  • iPhone 4s / 5 / 5s / 5c / 6 / 6 Plus / 6s / 6s Plus / SE running iOS 7+
  • iPad 2+ (via iPhone app) running iOS 7+
  • All Android smartphones running 5.0+ (Coming Fall 2016)
Does my mobile app work with iPads?

Yes, however iPad users must download the iPhone version of the app. It will resize the height of the screen to the size of an iPhone 4. Tablet optimized apps are coming soon.

Push Notifications

How can I schedule a push notification?

Push notifications are scheduled using a custom dashboard we provide you. You will be able to tailor the promotion, message, and time/day that the notification is sent to your customers.

Discount & Coupon Codes

Can my customers use their coupon codes in the mobile app?

BigCommerce - Yes.
Shopify - Coming Soon.

Are there any limitations?

BigCommerce - Only unlimited use and single use coupons are supported. Limited and per customer coupon types are redeemable, however, the "number of uses" will not be updated.

Product & Category Organization

How will the categories and products from my web shop look like on the mobile app?

Your store’s categories and products shown on the mobile app directly correspond 1-to-1 to the categories and products you have defined on your ecommerce platform. They will be organized in the app’s navigation drawer in the order exactly as it is defined on your ecommerce dashboard, including any sub-categories and the display order.

My products aren’t displaying in the correct order.

Due to the integration limitation of , it is not possible for the app to order the products as you defined. However, in an upcoming update, we will introduce sorting of products by Alphabetical order and Price.

The Setup

Why does AppMixture need my Payment Gateway information, and what do they do with it?

AppMixture mobile apps require direct integration with your Payment Gateway because they handle payment natively within the app. When users make a purchase by your app, payment is securely processed by your Payment Gateway.

Will changing my Payment Gateway settings affect payments on my existing web store?

No, doing these things should not affect the functionality of your shop.

Why do I need to provide my shipping and tax information?

We've reached the max integration with Bigcommerce, however this does not grant us access to your tax and shipping info.

Can I download a demo version of your app?

Yes! We have a live iOS version of the app that shows our Clothing Store Catalogue here:

Can I test the app before it is officially launched?


Why do you release the app for iOS before Android?

Typically we do a phased roll-out with all our clients to start. We create the iOS app first because Apple's publishing restrictions are much stricter than Google's. If we need to make changes we can perfect the iOS app then create the Android app. This ensures continuity with your apps.

Can I have my app published in select regions that I choose?

Yes. You can choose to have your app only seen and downloaded by users in one specific country. (ie. only people from the United States).


Can we customize the text on the app (e.g. change "cart" to "basket")?

Not at the moment. But we have included this in our pipeline of tentative customization features.

What parts of my mobile app are customizable?
  • app icon
  • app loading screen
  • login screen
  • store logo
  • main theme colour
  • button colour
  • features (coupons, order history, etc)
  • shipping & tax info
  • push notifications
I would like to suggest a customization.

If you would like to have a customization that has not been listed, let us know and we will try our best to make it available in the future.

I use a third party app for our loyalty, coupons, etc. Does AppMixture integrate with them?

Depends. The core value your mobile app will provide is a fast, easy, and secure end-to-end checkout experience. We do recognize that having more third party integrations will enhance the user experience, as such we will continue to look to do so.

Do wish lists transfer over from the BigCommerce store?

No, at the current moment BigCommerce doesn’t allow third party apps to access the wish lists built on the website. Customers will have to build up their “Favourites” list on the mobile app separately. This could change, in the future, and we will support synchronization of the web shop’s wish lists as soon as it is made available to third party apps.

Shopify Specific

I want to rearrange the navigation collections in the featured section of the app.

No problem. We have a tool that you can use to do do this. Contact your AppMixture representative and they will be happy to assist.

Shopify offers Apple and Android Buy SDKs that can be used for mobile apps to use Shopify checkout. Can you used that for payment processing.

Our commercial solution, AppMixture, has been built based off of our enterprise infrastructure which contains additional mobile security, optimization, and speed features. This is why we have our own “Checkout/Buy” button and why we are able to provide an extremely quick and secure checkout over mobile. While the Shopify Buy button can enable the potential for Shopify Checkout, it sets us back with our enterprise-grade security which we are not willing to compromise.

Our engineers are working to see how we can integrate this in the future, but right now we’re prioritizing promotional/marketing features that you can use to promote your products over mobile, and I’m looking forward to having you try them out!

Note that regardless, you will see orders from mobile show up on your Shopify dashboard, and they will be tagged as “AppMixture” transactions so you can differentiate them.

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