Content Ideas for Your Ecommerce Business - September

Content is king, don't underestimate it. People value good content and often judge brands based on it. But as a business owner it might be challenging to come up with new content ideas, and build a consistent brand in the same time. So we've collected a few ideas for September to help you out.

1. Autumn quotes

People love quotes. Even if you think it's cliche and everybody does that. Think about it for a second, why is everybody doing that? Because it works. September is the first month autumn, so it's a great time to share some quotes according to that. You can find some quotes here, and to make it even more shareable put them on some images. You can use these free templates or Pablo, by Buffer for that.

2. Your product in falling leaves

Go out when the nature starts to become its nicest. Put your product between those yellow and red leaves and take some awesome pictures. Schedule them in your social media calendar, your fans will love it.

3. Summer memories

It's common that people's favorite season of the year is the summer. That's when all those great memories happen. Share yours with your followers and ask them to share theirs. You can even make a game, like share your best summer memories with mybrand and the win the mybrandproduct. People like games. They do, you'll be surprised how much. That won't to cost you too much, but the hype that's generated could be pretty big.

4. Prepare for the NFL season

NFL has a really big fan base, so it can be a great idea to give some football related content to your fans as well. The best is of course if you can make a contract with a player to be your brand's face. But if you're not in that position yet that's ok as well, listen for interesting stories and jump on them whenever it's a little bit related to your product. That means like republishing other posts on your blog, or asking bloggers to make guest posts on your site.

If your business is located in Europe and your customers doesn't really care about NFL, that's not a problem. They well probably care about other sports like soccer. Then you can simply follow the above mentioned process just for soccer teams/players.

5. Make a quiz or anything that's interactive

As I've already told you people like to play. Make a quiz for them for example - which famous startup CEO are you? Then ask a few simple question and show them the results. The great thing about this is that people are more willing to share the results of a game like this then just a simple blog post. So at the and don't forget to ask them to share their results with friends. You can use a tool like Apester for that.


Content has to be a very important part of your business strategy. Whether if you want to rank higher in Google or just increase the brand awareness, high quality content is your way. So go ahead and use these tips for September and subscribe here to make sure you get them for October as well. If you think I missed something or you just wanna say thanks please leave a comment below.

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