How Color Theory Works in Ecommerce [Infographic]

Our brain is magic. However it's much more complex than you'd ever imagine. Some brands are able to use that complexity for their advantage. If you are among them that's great - here is a high five for you - but if you feel like you can improve and create a truly memorable brand, then this is for you.

Whether you're in ecommerce or any other business, you should focus on building a brand instead of just building a store, that tries sell stuff. Let me explain why.

Brands are burned into people's minds and whenever they see or feel something similar they will connect it. That can really help to set up an engaged customer base, not to mention the viral effect created by your most loyal customers.

brands are burned into people's minds

Ok, but how can color theory help you with that?

Do you remember how you studied back in the university? Did you ever highlight the most important parts from the book? Hell yeah, because this is one of the best ways to remember information. It seems that colors are stored in a deeper level in our brain. They stick.

But throughout the years and the ton of colored stuff that you meet every day, people people learn to associate certain emotions with certain colors. In the infographic below you can find which color is attached to which emotion. It's highly recommended to spend a few hours to think about your brand - before you even start doing anything. What is the product that you are selling? Who is the target audience? What is the price range of your product? What kind of values do you want to communicate through your brand?

After you have the answer for these questions you can go ahead and think of a color that will fit best. Pay attention to the emotions attached, but keep in mind that color theory is not carved in stone. There are always exceptions, however this can be a good starting point.

color theory in ecommerce infographic

A couple other tips

Choose a palette of maximum five colors, but it's even better if you can stick with three for the beginning. Make sure you do not use any other colors even if you really feel you need to. It's gonna be a huge mess. Also keep in mind that shades of white/black goes well with anything so those do not count.

color palettes for ecommerce

Use complementary colors for your call to actions. A call to action (cta) is the button you want the users to click on, eg. add to cart, pay now. Why is that important? The cta is the single most important element of your ecommerce page. It has to stand out. Often times experts say that a user should be able to find the call to action from three meters away. The only way to do that is if the color of your cta stands out.

A little inspiration

If you have an image that simply represents your brand, then you can go ahead and try a tool like Adobe Kuler. You can get amazing results like this.

color inspiration for ecommerce

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