How to write effective newsletters that'll actually convert

There's a challenge we all face, it is called the 'what the heck should I do with the people who signed up for my newsletter challenge. Let's be honest, most of you actually have no clue at all.

Ok, you started with a signup box just like everyone else - it's a must-have right? Maybe you have a couple subscribers. You’re busy running your business, so you quickly write some stuff to fill up a newsletter. Maybe you even spent a couple hours to make it look presentable.

But the reality is, it’s probably going to suck anyhow.

Your customers won't even open it but if you do, it's pretty certain that they’re not going to read it through. So it's time to improve your newsletters, let's see how.

Here’s the tough question: Do people actually read the stuff you send? The answer is pretty much what you'd expect: No, they don't.

Why should they, when they probably get 50+ other promotional shit every day? Be honest, how many newsletters do you see every day? And how many of them do you open or actually read?

I did my own little test about newsletters last week and here are the results. Even though I don't sign up for every piece of crap I come across, I still got 94 promotional emails last week.

And how many of them I did actually read? Three.

Why choose three?

First of all, most of the letters automatically landed in my gmail “Promotion” folder, which I almost never open. Later I’ll show you how to prevent your own newsletter from landing there, but before that let's check out the fantastic three that caught my eye.

  1. One I opened because I know it always contains helpful information. /It's the blog of James Clear - this dude is writing great stuff about productivity and habits/
  2. The second one I opened is from KLM - you know, the airline company - because they sometimes send awesome discounts that I don't wanna miss.
  3. Last off is the Invision newsletter. I look forward to it every week because of its beautiful design, it's just a pleasure for my eyes.

Now the question is; does your newsletter fit in one of the categories? Probably not. I mean not yet. So decide which is the most appropriate for your business and go for it.


To actually convert newsletter readers into customers, you have to either tell an interesting story, give them amazing discounts, or make the email look very attractive.

That's ok, but when to send the emails?

However there's another question which can be difficult to answer. 'How often should I send newsletters?' I'd say it depends on your business and positioning. Let me explain...

  • If you send discounts too often it's not gonna create that 'I-must-buy-it-now' feeling.
  • If you connect with your customers seldomly, they might forget you or your site.

Therefore the best idea is to keep a regular schedule with your newsletter. That will help you remember when to send it out, and let customers know when to expect it.

  • Weekly - if you're blogging, you can collect your posts in a weekly digest.
  • Monthly - if you sell products, write about the new features, or ask for feedback.
  • Quarterly - that's the best approach for an ecommerce store - give them discounts in every 3rd month to keep your store in their mind without annoying them with emails every day.


The best approach is to schedule your newsletter according to your type of business and goals. Here’s an example of timeframes suited to different newsletter content: weekly - news, blog posts, stories; monthly - news, features, discounts; and quarterly - discounts.

Email newsletters suck, here's a guide how to fix them - via @appmixture

What's next?

In the next post I'll teach you some easy way to help designing beautiful emails and avoiding the spam filters.

If you don't wanna miss it subscribe here. And one more thing, remember to share this stuff with your friends, because I wanna get cool newsletters in the future.

Mate Rauscher

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