New Course - App Store Optimization

We believe that education and continuous learning are one of the most important things in life. As for our team we always try to improve on various topics as well as individually as a team. Therefore we feel that important to educate our customers. Knowledge sharing is a great thing!

We're happy to announce that we'll start an 8-week email course about App Store Optimization. Why exactly ASO? We feel that it's a kind of new area where there's not too much knowledge out there and where our expertise can come in handy. We know a lot of people who have or want to have a mobile app, but they struggle to get users.

According to Forrester the waste majority of people (63%) are downloading apps after browsing and searching in the App Store. So it's crucial that your app shows in the first few places or not. Just like search engine optimization. If someone would search for a restaurant in New York, he'd probably end up going to one of the first five that showed up in Google. These principles applies for App Stores too.

What am I going to learn in this course?

Week 1 - The anatomy of the App Store
Week 2 - App icons
Week 3 - Screenshots
Week 4 - Keywords
Week 5 - Descriptions
Week 6 - Reviews
Week 7 - Referrals
Week 8 - Advanced techniques

Where can I go to sign up?

You can get The Beginners Guide to App Store Optimization by clicking this link.

When will it start?

The first lesson will be sent out on Wednesday 16th September. Then you can expect one lesson each week. The former lessons will be available on our blog one week later. There's already a nice introduction lesson about what is app store optimization here.

Why should I subscribe?

We will share custom tips and beautiful templates only with our subscribers. They are not gonna be available on the blog.

Hope you guys will enjoy this course and land #1 in the App Store with your apps. If you get a chance share this post with your friends so they can also learn. Knowledge sharing is beautiful, isn't it?

Mate Rauscher

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