Tools to Help You Automate Your Small Business

Running a small business is tough. You gotta be right there when a customer has some trouble, you gotta have an online presence, you gotta take care about the financing and legal stuff and the company's culture. Not to mention that you probably want to have a personal life. Your time is limited, so it's better to organize your tasks and always try to automate as many as you can.

Fortunately there's more and more tool and software appear to help out small businesses. What's more there's even too many of them, so made this collection to help you choose.

Social media automation

For having a strong online presence social media is absolutely a must-to-have. But managing accounts and keep them active can take a lot of time. How about to automate most of this process? Try out one of these tools for scheduling posts and measure analytic on different social media platforms.

Buffer - social media scheduling and analytics - starts at $10/mo (free individual plan)

Hootsuite - social media scheduling - starts at $7,99/mo (free personal plan)

Email marketing automation

Email is still the best way to reach your customers. Even if their inbox is full with promotions, there's a better chance for you stand out in email than any social media channels. Here's a few tool to help you jumpstart your business with email campaigns.

Mailchimp - great-to-begin-with email marketing software, design and send better emails - automation plans starts at $10/mo - targeted messages based on interactions - starts at $50/mo


Keep track on your finances in a spreadsheet is a nightmare for most small business owner. Fortunately others had the same feelings so they developed a better solution.

Freshbooks - accounting from small businesses - starts at $9,95/mo

Wave - accounting from small businesses - free


Twitter might be a huge marketing channel for lots of small business. Even if you use the above mentioned tools to automate your social media workflow, you might find yourself wondering - that's not enough for twitter. Here's two software that really made my life easier when it comes to twitter.

Tweetdeck - manage multiply accounts, see mentions and messages from one screen, schedule tweets - free

Tweepi - follow people based on interest, age, location, or basically anything

Klear - find influencers in your niche - starts free

Other things to automate

There's a whole bunch of other task you can automate with this two tool. Basically their goal is to connect apps you use over the internet and automate your tasks.

Zapier - free plan includes 100 task/mo

IFTTT - free

These tools will save you a lot of time, that you can use for other more important tasks without loosing your brand's online presence or the track of financing. Also using of these automations is not going to cost you too much, therefore they're ideal for small to medium sized businesses.

If you have an other favorite or you feel I'm missing something feel free to leave a comment below. To get more of these helpful posts subscribe to appmixture's newsletter.

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